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The working extent you leave to the furniture forwarding agency, has considerable influence on the move price. The more you yourselves the lower financial costs prepare you have to carry.

There is row of activities you as a rule alone can carry out others you rather leave to the forwarding agent.

You can make this same:

  • UmzugstippsSelection 
    Move is to be decontaminated a miraculous opportunity around the not more required objects or to give away. Thus you can cover the new flat without unnecessary ballast and in the relocation expenses you save therefore anyway.
  • Pack from personal in the move cardboards 
    Think with the fact that every cardboard must be carried and his contents should be protected. The packed cardboards may be maximum 20 kg. If you can hardly lift the cardboard, he is too difficult. Besides, you must think that one must lift the cardboards not only carry several dozen metres and often about many floors, but. With too hardly packed cardboards the grounds or (and) the clutches so that tear while carrying his contents to themselves about the stairwell or the street can distribute. This is particularly to be followed with books, CDs, records. Best of all you fill the cardboards up to half with heavy objects and on top what light.
    For the EDP and other sensitive electronics one uses best of all the original packaging.
    One should wrap up porcelain and glass absolutely in stack oath paper before one it in a move cardboard stowed away. (!) our many years' experience says us that something so not always goes well. Wrapping up of porcelain and glass requires special knowledge; not without reason the furniture forwarding agencies invest regularly a lot of money in trainings the stack arts of her employees should optimise. In the case of doubt you leave these duties to the forwarding agent.

You should leave this to the forwarding agency:

  • UmzugstippsDismantling and assembly of the pieces of furniture.
    As long as you are not quite sure to yourselves whether you the pieces of furniture you diminish can rebuild: Leave it! We make almost every day for many years, fast and exactly. The financial add-on costs you have are thereby by far lower than the costs in your time and nerves.
  • Preparation and protection of the furnishings for the transport 
  • Loaded and unloaded of the move carriage
    Nobody can stow away the move property so certainly and in order to save space like the people for many years almost every day make.

Appointment planning

UmzugstippsPlan your move on time.
The optimum appointment around with the forwarding agency in contact is to be kicked at least one month before the planned move day. Here is valid: the earlier, the better. In case of need we can carry out your move also on Sunday or holiday. In such case you have to carry the legally agreed surcharges for sunning and holiday employment. Most people include in the plan her move for Saturday or for the end of the month. Should only these appointments be possible also for you is the early book necessarily.

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